Air Conditioning: Are You Ready To Replace Yours?

If you recently made a list of things to replace in your home soon, you may wonder if you should add your air conditioning system to the list as well. Your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you can make this year. But if you don't find anything wrong with the system, you leave it off your list of things to replace. Before you decide to keep your current AC in place, consult an HVAC contractor first.

Can A New Start Capacitor Fail?

Start capacitor failures are a relatively common reason for HVAC service calls. Your start capacitor is part of the outdoor half of your home's air conditioning system. This simple electrical component lives in your condenser unit and provides the initial jolt necessary to start your compressor. In a sense, the start capacitor serves a similar function to the battery in your car.  A faulty capacitor will either prevent your compressor from running or cause it to struggle to start.

Your Commercial HVAC System Options Explained

Extremely hot or cold weather can create physical discomfort and mental distractions for your employees, affecting your company's overall productivity. However, you can optimize your indoor temperatures to keep staff comfortable and focused year-round with the right HVAC system installation.  When it comes to installing an HVAC system for your business, you have different options to choose from. But these choices can be confusing if you're not an HVAC industry expert.

Why Your AC Could Be Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

The reason why your circuit breaker trips might remain a mystery—and a quickly forgotten one at that. If it only happens on rare occasions, its cause may never be traced and is likely to be dismissed as an isolated, nonrecurring problem, such as an electrical surge. But regular circuit breaker issues while using an appliance of significant wattage can mean that the appliance is experiencing a potentially serious issue. So what does it mean when your air conditioner regularly trips your circuit breaker?

Furnace Maintenance: Checklist For Gas Furnaces

It's that time of year again when the weather starts to get colder and we start using our furnaces more. While furnace maintenance may not be at the top of your list of things to do, it is important to keep your furnace in good working order. A well-maintained furnace will run more efficiently and last longer. Your home will be more comfortable and you'll save money on your energy bills.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

An air conditioner's primary purpose is to cool your space. So, if turning on your air conditioner makes no difference during summer, you need to check it. It's likely that your AC unit isn't cooling due to either of these reasons. Clogged Air Filters You may think your AC system has broken down if it no longer cools your space. But did you know that simple things such as dirty filters can cause problems?

2 Causes Of Common Heating Issues In Your Home

Your home may develop heating issues due to having the wrong HVAC size. A larger than necessary unit will consume more energy, making you pay high energy bills. Conversely, a more undersized HVAC won't work efficiently. Hence, the unit will struggle to heat your home correctly. This shortcoming will make it prone to frequent repairs as its components will work beyond their capacity. Here are causes of common heating issues you may experience in your home.

Bedroom Air Conditioning Installation Guide

Most people have installed their air conditioning systems in the sitting room. So, during the hot months, everyone flocks in the living room. But what happens when the hot temperatures persist until nighttime? Air conditioning installation is not restricted to the living room area. For convenience, you can install an AC unit in your bedroom for maximum comfort. Read on to learn more! Criteria for Installation There are several guidelines as to the correct placement of the system during an air conditioning installation.

How To Zone Your Ducted Air Conditioning System to Boost Airflow and Improve Indoor Comfort

Ducted air conditioning systems use a network of ductwork and vents to provide uniform cooling throughout the home. Ducted units also allow for zoning, dividing the building into areas that can be cooled separately using individual temperature controls. However, to ensure full-fledged control, maximum comfort, and optimal efficiency, you must set up your zones correctly. With this in mind, check out these AC zoning tips to boost airflow and improve indoor comfort.

Does A Frozen Evaporator Mean You're Low On Refrigerant?

Frozen evaporator coils are a common issue with home air conditioning systems. Your evaporator coils allow your refrigerant to absorb heat energy from the surrounding air and your blower then pushes this cooled air throughout your home. In the process, water condenses from the cooler air, forming droplets on the coils, and dripping through a drainage tube.  However, your evaporator can become too cold. When this occurs, the condensation will freeze on the coils, creating an insulating layer of ice that can cause your system to lock up and potentially damage your compressor.

3 Reasons Air Conditioning Vent Cleaning Is So Important

While homeowners are typically aware of the fact that they should have their home cooling system serviced on a regular basis, many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of having their vents or ducts cleaned. If you are among this group of homeowners, you should know that air conditioning vent cleaning can be just as important as any other type of cooling system maintenance. Continue reading below to learn more about some of the reasons why air conditioner vent cleaning is so important.

3 Signs That Your Air Conditioner's Compressor Has Failed

Air conditioning technology has improved over the past few years. The advancement in the technology used to make the systems have made it possible for conditioning to move from simple fans to elaborate models that you can control remotely. However, all air conditioners come with the same parts, regardless of how complex they seem. The compressor is one of the crucial parts of an air conditioner. Its function is to facilitate the heat exchange process.

Heating Services: Common Signs That It Is Time For A Furnace Replacement

A furnace is one of the pricey pieces of equipment in the home. Because of that, you want to give it the best care possible. Typically, the heating system mainly works during the cold winter months. But before turning the furnace on for the season's operations, you need to ensure that it is working properly. Therefore, turn on the unit and check its working condition. If you detect a malfunction, it might be time to replace or repair the unit.

Is Your AC Acting Strangely? 4 Positive Signs That The AC Capacitor Is The Problem

When the summer begins, your air conditioner should be in top-notch condition to serve you optimally. But unfortunately, the system can break down due to a component failure. For instance, a faulty capacitor can cause operational inefficiencies in an air conditioner. A capacitor usually charges the motor, which, in turn, helps to cool your home. If this component develops some mishaps, you should seek AC repair services instantly. Here are four ways to know that your capacitor is dysfunctional.

What To Do When Your Heating Or Cooling System Is Not Working Correctly

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home has a lot to do. The system controls the heat in the wintertime, the cooling in the summer, and often moves air throughout the house in other parts of the year using a fan in the system. When the system is not operating correctly, hiring an HVAC repair company to come and look at it is a good starting point.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Perform Your Own AC Tune-Up

Annual maintenance is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your home's HVAC system. Routine servicing helps keep your system in top shape so that it can maintain a comfortable temperature while running efficiently and keeping your utility bills under control. Deferring this maintenance for too long can lead to premature wear, costly repairs, and increased energy usage. While there are some essential maintenance tasks you can handle yourself, such as cleaning your condenser, you should leave a thorough tune-up to the pros.

Gas Furnaces: Common Problems You Might Encounter

Furnaces play a vital role in keeping homes warm during the cold winter days. So whether using a high-efficiency gas furnace or a conventional gas furnace, keeping it in good working condition is essential. Besides that, you need to invest in professional furnace repair services from a registered HVAC contractor to ensure the longevity of the unit. Below are some of the issues your furnace might develop in the course of its lifespan.