Here's Why You Shouldn't Perform Your Own AC Tune-Up

Annual maintenance is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your home's HVAC system. Routine servicing helps keep your system in top shape so that it can maintain a comfortable temperature while running efficiently and keeping your utility bills under control. Deferring this maintenance for too long can lead to premature wear, costly repairs, and increased energy usage.

While there are some essential maintenance tasks you can handle yourself, such as cleaning your condenser, you should leave a thorough tune-up to the pros. Here are three reasons why this yearly task isn't a do-it-yourself job.

1. You Can Cause Problems 

Not every AC tune-up or inspection will include the same work. Some tasks, such as checking your refrigerant charge, can even make things worse. Improperly connecting a manifold gauge set can allow refrigerant to escape your system or, even worse, allow contaminants to enter into the line set. Either of these situations can leave your system in worse condition than before you started.

Professional techs know how to make these checks without causing any harm, and they know that checking the refrigerant charge isn't always necessary. An expert will look at other aspects of your system during the tune-up and only perform these more invasive testing procedures if they suspect there might be a problem.

2. You Might Miss Warning Signs

There's no substitute for training and experience when it comes to spotting early warning signs. Part of any tune-up procedure involves inspecting your equipment for signs of trouble, allowing you to fix issues before they become more severe. If you perform a tune-up on your own, you can easily miss more minor details that may point to a maintenance issue.

A thorough maintenance visit ensures that you'll find anything that might be wrong with your air conditioner, providing you with the best chance at a cost-effective solution. In many cases, an annual maintenance visit by a professional can save you far more money than the cost of the service.

3. You'll Need to Deal With Messy or Dangerous Equipment

Part of an annual maintenance visit involves inspecting and potentially tightening or adjusting electrical wiring. Your condenser unit uses high-voltage to power the blower and compressor, and you may create a dangerous situation if you aren't comfortable working around potentially dangerous electrical equipment. Professionals can also spot safety issues that can lead to burn-outs or even fires.

Likewise, some annual maintenance tasks can help you avoid messy situations. Your tech will check and inspect your AC drainage lines as part of their visit. If these lines are clogged or not working correctly, condensate can back up onto your basement floor and create a huge mess. Relying on a professional to inspect and maintain this component can save you from an unpleasant clean-up job.

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