Air Conditioning: Are You Ready To Replace Yours?

If you recently made a list of things to replace in your home soon, you may wonder if you should add your air conditioning system to the list as well. Your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you can make this year. But if you don't find anything wrong with the system, you leave it off your list of things to replace. Before you decide to keep your current AC in place, consult an HVAC contractor first. Below are things a contractor may detect in your AC that indicate you need to replace it soon.

Experiencing Age-Related Wear and Tear

One of the first concerns a contractor may have about your cooling system is its age. If your cooling system is 10 years old or over, you may wish to replace the system soon. Although cooling systems can work efficiently for many years, age-related wear and tear can cause multiple problems for them. Older units can start up slowly, overheat, or even fail.

If you choose to replace your air conditioning system, be sure to upgrade both of the units in them. Air conditioning systems work more efficiently and properly when they match. If the units don't match, they can't pull heat from your home during the summer. The older unit may stay on longer in order to keep up with the new unit.

Also, choose a system that saves energy throughout the year. Most air conditioning contractors keep lists of products that work well for their customers. If needed, ask a contractor to recommend a replacement to you.

In addition to age, you may want to replace your air conditioning system if you plan to add extensions to your home.

Extending Your Home

If you plan to build or add more rooms to your home, go ahead and replace your cooling system now. Your current air conditioning system may not be large enough to cover the cooling needs of the additional space. If your AC can't cool down your entire house properly, the system can become damaged over time.

A contractor will need to know where you plan to extend your home and when. A contractor needs to install a system that's large and powerful enough to cool your home without increasing your energy bills. A contractor will calculate the size of your cooling system before they help you choose one for your home.  

If you need to learn more about air conditioning replacement, contact a contractor now.