Bedroom Air Conditioning Installation Guide

Most people have installed their air conditioning systems in the sitting room. So, during the hot months, everyone flocks in the living room. But what happens when the hot temperatures persist until nighttime? Air conditioning installation is not restricted to the living room area. For convenience, you can install an AC unit in your bedroom for maximum comfort. Read on to learn more!

Criteria for Installation

There are several guidelines as to the correct placement of the system during an air conditioning installation. The placement of your unit will affect its efficiency and durability. Here are some guidelines to adhere to.

1. Do Not Install the Unit Near Other Electric Appliances

There is a fluid, a refrigerant, that flows inside an air conditioning unit which can leak if the unit is faulty. So, it is best to avoid installing the AC unit near other electronic appliances. For example, if you choose a window AC system, do not have your computer workstation beneath the AC unit. Besides, other electronic appliances could produce heat in their daily operation, leading to a faulty thermostat reading. So, avoid installing it near other heat or cold sources, like a refrigerator.

2. Install the Unit in an Area with Free-Flowing Air

Irrespective of where you intend to install the AC unit, ensure there is free airflow. An air conditioning unit is more effective in a place without obstructions to airflow. Obstructions make your unit work twice as much. So, avoid installing the unit behind an object, for instance, a chair or bed.

3. Choose a Central Location

An AC unit is best installed at a central location due to better and even airflow. The central location will depend on the room's shape and layout. If your room Is rectangular, find the center using the long wall and install the AC system for good airflow coverage. In a bedroom whose layout includes a living space on one side, the AC unit is best placed in a central place in the living space.

4. Check the Height 

An air conditioning unit should be installed a few feet high from the floor for window air conditioners and some distance for split air conditioners. The human body gets a better cooling effect from a distance.

With a properly installed air conditioning unit in your bedroom, getting a good night's rest shouldn't be difficult anymore. Follow the guidelines above, and get the relief you need. For more information on air conditioning installation, contact a professional near you.