What To Do When Your Heating Or Cooling System Is Not Working Correctly

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home has a lot to do. The system controls the heat in the wintertime, the cooling in the summer, and often moves air throughout the house in other parts of the year using a fan in the system. When the system is not operating correctly, hiring an HVAC repair company to come and look at it is a good starting point.

Diagnosing Problems

The HVAC system in most residential homes is two systems in one, and it controls the heating and cooling in the home throughout the year. Some parts of the system are shared and running all year, so wear and tear can be a problem if the system is not properly maintained. 

When you are having an issue with the system, let the HVAC repair tech know what you are experiencing and if it is heat or AC related, or affecting both systems. The information can make a difference in what parts need inspecting and what repair will need to be done to resolve the issue.

Once the tech does a complete inspection of the system, they can give you a better idea of what is going on and how they will repair it. 

Belts, Filters, And Fans

Some of the most common HVAC repairs are simple ones that involve a broken belt, filters that need changing, or a problem with the blower fan inside the HAVC system. The drive belt on the blower motor turns the fan inside the blower housing, so if it breaks or starts to slip, the result can be a belt that needs replacing. The unit may still run without the belt, but no heat or cool air will come out of the vents until a new belt is installed. 

Filters are another common concern, and if they are not changed on a regular schedule, they can become restrictive enough to stop air from getting into the system and shut it down. This can affect both the heating and the cooling, but with proper maintenance, it should not be a concern. 

The fan in the system can also begin to wear over time. Inside the fan housing, some bearings support the center shaft, and if those bearings start to drag, the blower fan can slow, and the bearings will sometimes make a grinding noise when the system is running.  

Often a fan in this condition will require a full replacement and will cause both the heat and AC side of the HVAC system to stop working properly. While there are some other shared parts in the system, a full inspection is the best way to determine what is not working and requires HVAC repair.