Is It Time For Furnace Repair? These 3 Signs Will Let You Know

Does your furnace seem to be malfunctioning lately? If this is the case, you probably need to get it repaired. A malfunctioning furnace can become inconvenient in a short space of time. The best way to alleviate this inconvenience is to get the furnace repaired as quickly as possible. 

If you are still having some doubts about whether or not you should call a professional to get your furnace repaired, take a look at some of the major signs that you need professional help.

The Carbon Monoxide Detector Keeps Going Off

When your carbon monoxide detector is triggered often, it is a serious sign. Carbon monoxide leaks can be problematic, to say the least, not to mention deadly. Your carbon monoxide detector getting triggered is a major red flag that there is some kind of gas leak or issue with ventilation in your furnace. This issue needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Problems In the Basement

If your furnace is in the basement, and you have issues with steam and puddles, it's a clear giveaway that your furnace is not functioning as it should. You may notice that there is water pooling in different areas of the basement. Another thing you may notice is that steam starts building up.

All of these signs, including seeing water coming off the walls of your basement are signs that there is a leak in your furnace. The best thing to do is to call in a professional to assist you.

Smelling Rotting Eggs

This is one of those signs that is hard to miss because it is usually very obvious. The pungent odor of rotten eggs is usually present when your furnace is leaking gas. The gas that is used to power your furnace does not have a smell but chemicals are added so that when the gas starts leaking it becomes obvious.

The chemical that is added gives off the smell of rotten eggs so that you can become aware that there is a problem. Needless to say, this should never be ignored. Call in a furnace repair specialist to solve the problem immediately.

Once you notice one or more of these signs, it is time for you to call in a furnace repair technician to help solve the problem. Keeping problems like these around can be dangerous to you and your family. It often takes no more than a few hours to fix the problem and everything will be back to normal once again.

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