3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Installing Your AC System

Most homeowners assume buying a new AC unit will solve all their cooling problems. While this is true, a new AC raises comfort levels in your home, but only when you let a professional handle it. On the other hand, mistakes during AC installation can make your home uncomfortable to live in and interfere with energy efficiency. Here are the three errors people make and how an AC installation expert can help you avoid them.

Picking an Inappropriately-Sized Unit

No two homes will have similar or equal AC needs. For example, the cooling capacity for an apartment, a single-story home, and a large multi-story home will vary. Further, the right unit can vary depending on the room's ceiling height, the number of doors and windows, the number of permanent occupants, and the presence of heat-producing appliances. Hence, it is best to check with a trained AC installation expert regarding the size of your space. This way, they will ensure your home stays cool and comfy by purchasing an appropriate air conditioner.

Choosing the Wrong Location to Install It

The air conditioner's ability to save energy is proportional to its location. Given this, you want to place the outdoor unit somewhere with some cover from the sun. More so, you should install the condenser a good distance from the vegetation to maintain the airflow. Furthermore, positioning the indoor unit is crucial to the overall comfort of the space. Avoid putting one directly over your sleeping quarters, closet, couch, or desk. Also, ensure you leave some breathing room between the air conditioner and the furnishings. Ultimately, it is best to enlist the services of an AC installation expert to help you decide where to install your unit to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Failure to Perform a Leak Check after Installation

Another typical error is failure to check for possible refrigerant leaks after AC setup. Note that checking the coolant level right after installation is essential. Ultimately, ignoring this step might cause significant complications as your unit will overwork without cooling your home adequately. This will cost you more energy bills because the system runs longer and cools less efficiently. Further, inadequate coolant can cause the entire air conditioner to overheat, resulting in costly repairs. So, let an AC expert handle unit installation, as they can perform a thorough leak check along with the setup so that you can eliminate the hazard.

Other mistakes people make include poor thermostat placement and issues in drainage setup. Hence, contact a local air conditioning installation company to select and install your unit. Note that they know the mistakes that interfere with positive results and can help you avoid them.