Things That Indicate A Need To Call For Furnace Repair Work

If you are a homeowner who lives in a region that gets cold in the winter, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to spot problems with your furnace soon after they develop. This will help ensure that you are not going to end up without heat or go without heat for a long time. To help make sure that you will have an easy enough time spotting the signs of furnace issues, you will want to examine the following information:

You're Noticing An Odd Smell

If you have just turned on your furnace after it has been off for many months, you might get a whiff of the fuel it uses. That smell should go away within a few minutes. If it does not go away or your furnace has been on for a while and it is suddenly producing smells, you will want to turn off the furnace and call for furnace repair services. If you have to, you could stay elsewhere so you and your loved ones can stay warm until the furnace repair technician is able to show up and make the needed corrections.

The Pilot Light Is Discolored

A properly functioning pilot light is going to be blue in color. If it is anything other than blue, you need to have a professional come to repair the pilot or replace it with a brand-new one. Also, you will want to turn off the furnace until the repairs are made because it could be causing carbon monoxide to leak into your home. This is an odorless and colorless gas that can injure you and lead to your death if you breathe it in for too long. If you are already starting to feel sick, open a window, get outside, and call for emergency services. You may need to be examined by a medical professional in case you have been exposed to a lot of carbon monoxide. Once the repairs are made, you will be able to go back home.

The House Isn't Warming Up Enough

If you find that, despite having the thermostat on the correct setting, the house is not heating up properly, you will need to call for furnace repair services. The problem could be with the furnace or the thermostat itself, and a professional will be able to figure it out and make the needed repairs or replacements.