4 Plumbing Services You Need Before Winter

Seasonal temperature dips in the fall months remind you that winter isn't too far. If you want to enjoy cool holidays when the wintry season kicks in, you must ensure that your home systems are in perfect order. The plumbing system should be the least of your worries, and you must call professional plumbing services before the temperatures freeze.

Indeed, your plumbing network, pipes, and appliances get affected by freezing temperatures. Getting preventative plumbing services ensures your system operates efficiently. You don't want to chase after plumbers in ice-cold weather. Frosty temperatures worsen minor plumbing system issues, and you must protect your system in advance. Here are some plumbing services you need before winter.

Pipe Insulation

During winter, your pipes have to contend with below-zero temperatures. This leads to frozen and damaged pipes. To prevent water supply issues indoors, you must insulate and cover exposed pipes. It makes sense to work with a skilled plumber since they can advise you on the ideal pipe insulation methods. Ideally, they recommend heating tape, Styrofoam sleeves to boost efficiency. 

Perfectly insulated pipes eliminate pipe bursting issues and enhance your water heater's performance. Indeed, a plumber can help to insulate pipes in your crawlspace, basement, or outdoors. It's crucial to cover faucets and move the garden hoses to protect your system from freezing temperatures.

Leak Detection and Management

An undetected leak within your home can wreak havoc during the cold months. If it occurs in hard-to-reach places, it causes untold structural damage and promotes mold growth. Often, these are problems you don't want to focus on during the holidays. As such, you must call a plumbing services provider to audit your plumbing system before the frosty weather takes over. Plumbers have the tools to pinpoint the location of a possible leak. If you have an older home, you can request an inspection to determine whether the old pipes and fixtures can weather the freezing conditions.

Water Heater Flushing

Sediment buildup can affect the performance of your water heater in winter. If you live in areas with hard water issues, you must ask a plumber to flush your water heater. Sediment issues slow down heating and can cause spikes in your energy bills. It makes sense to time your annual heater flushing in the months leading to the cold season.

Drain Inspection and Cleaning

Winter holidays strain your plumbing system significantly. If you host parties frequently, it affects your water heater, drain pipes, and related appliances. If you're disposing of food grease and other solids improperly, you could experience backups and clogs. 

To avoid drainpipe issues, you must hire professionals who provide plumbing services. They provide drain pipe camera inspection, hydro jetting, and motorized auger cleaning to boost plumbing system efficiency.