Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Home

When considering a new heating system, you should pay attention to the options and determine what will work best for you. A heating installation contractor helps you know the differences between different heating systems and how each can fit with your current needs if you are not sure what you want.

Electric Heat

One of the most straightforward heating solutions that a heating installation contractor can install for you is electric baseboard heating. The baseboard heaters do not require a lot of maintenance, and heating repair on these units is typically limited to the thermostat that controls them, making them a dependable source of heat for your home.

You will need to have the heating company check your electrical service to ensure that you have enough open circuits for the electric heat. If the home's electrical system supports it, the installation can be completed quickly and without a lot of disruption in your daily life.

The cost of electric heat is sometimes higher than propane or fuel oil furnaces, but there is no fuel to buy, and for some people, the additional cost is worth it to get the simplicity that an electric heating system offers. 

Gas Heating Systems

Heating systems that use natural gas or propane are common, and for homes that already have air ducts in them, the heating installation is pretty straightforward. The heating installation contractor can use the existing ductwork to connect the system to and force the heat out into the home. 

Most gas systems are forced hot air systems, and many of them are combination heat pump systems that have heat and AC in them, so if you need both, you may want to look at these systems before deciding what to install. If you are in the market for a system like this, talk to your contractor about how large the system needs to be to heat and cool your home efficiently before you purchase one.

Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers are very common in areas where heating oil is relatively inexpensive and where temperatures are typically extremely cold in the wintertime. The boiler will heat your home using radiant heat from the hot water circulated through baseboards inside your home. 

The system will also provide hot water for your home and replace the water heater altogether. The heating system installation for a hot water boiler is a little more involved, but it is very efficient for large homes. It can be set up to have multiple heating zones that make it easier to control temperatures within the home. For more info reach out to a heating installation professional.