Need A New Water Heater? How To Avoid Problems With The Installation

If you need a new water heater, you might have decided to install it yourself. That is a good way to save some money on the project. But, you need to take steps to avoid mistakes. Water heater installation can be problematic, especially if you've never installed one. Before you install your new water heater, read the tips provided below. These tips will help you to avoid mistakes associated with do-it-yourself water heater installations. 

Know What Material You're Working With

If you're going to install your own water heater, make sure you know what material you're working with. You'll notice that there are fittings on the water heater that you will need to attach to the fittings in your home. In most cases, the fittings will be either metal, brass, or copper. Brass and copper can be connected together, without problems. But, if any of the pipes are metal, you'll need to take extra precautionary steps. Metal shouldn't be connected to copper or brass. If they are, the connection can weaken, which can lead to leaks. 

Protect the Plastic Fittings

If you're going to solder any of the connections, make sure you keep the heat away from any plastic fittings. The heat from soldering guns can cause the plastic fittings to melt. The best way to avoid that risk is to solder the fittings away from the water heater. Once your fittings are soldered, you can install them on the water heater. That way, you avoid causing damage to your plastic water heater fittings. 

Don't Forego the Overflow Tube

If you've decided to install your own water heater, don't forget to install the overflow tube. The overflow tube should be connected to the end of the pressure relief valve. It's not uncommon for pressure relief valves to open up when pressure builds up. The overflow tube helps to prevent hot water spray when the pressure relief valve is opened. Without the overflow tube, you risk serious burns. Unfortunately, many people forget about the overflow tube when they install their own water heaters. Reduce the risk of burns. Install the overflow tube before you power up your new water heater. 

Choose Professional Installation 

If you're worried about making mistakes with the installation of your new water heater, hire a professional HVAC contractor for the project. Professional installation can help you to avoid the mistakes that can come from installing your own water heater.

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