Water Leaks? Emergency Air Conditioning Services Are Needed

Issues with air conditioning systems can cause major inconveniences if they occur during the summer months. Some summer temperatures are extreme enough to have the potential to exacerbate health problems or cause serious issues such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The dangers can cause some homeowners to try to continue to operate their AC systems even if the systems show signs that repairs are needed.

One type of emergency air conditioning repair that you could face is a leaking air conditioning unit. This may not seem like an important issue to address if your system is still cooling your home.

Sometimes, AC leaks will be obvious to homeowners. It is also possible for the leaks to show subtle signs such as brown water stains on walls or ceilings. You may also notice sour or musty smells that are indicative of mold and water damage. The following represent issues that can cause AC components that can cause water leaks.

Disconnected and Damaged Parts

Parts of your AC system can loosen over time. These can cause water leaks to commonly appear on ceilings. These pipes likely need to get replaced or are loosened pipes that need tightening or fitting adjustments. These pipes are a necessary part of draining condensation from your AC system.

You may also notice condensation issues that cause water leaks if the condensate pump in your AC system malfunctions. Pumping is a necessary action required to remove water from the AC system. If the pump needs repairs or to get replaced, it cannot pump the condensation that needs to get transferred out. The trapped water will not have an exit route and cause water leaks. 

Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line is responsible for properly draining humidity produced by air conditioning systems. Issues with drain lines can usually be detected in a timely manner if homeowners get their AC systems serviced at the appropriate intervals. A common issue that can occur is clogging. This happens when mold or other types of substances accumulate within the condensate drain line and impede proper drainage.

Homeowners can opt to replace condensate drain lines that have gunk stuck in them. However, it may also be possible to remove the debris and clean the drain line.

Without maintaining this part, this can lead to water leaks.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use if suspect that you have an AC leak. They can address this type of issue and other emergency air conditioning system issues.

Early intervention can protect you against costly repairs that can result from water damage. You can also minimize dangers such as exposure to toxic mold. Another safety concern for water leaks is the water making contact with electrical systems and causing fires.