Heater Airflow Problems And What May Be Restricting The Heating In Your Home

The heating in your home can have different problems when you start using it this winter. Restricted airflow can cause the heating to constantly run in your home and not really heat as it is designed to. These problems can be due to damaged ducts, problems with the furnace, and broken blower fans. The following troubleshooting for your heater will help you solve restricted airflow problems when your home is not getting warm:

Furnace Electrical Problems Causing Malfunctions

The furnace is a complicated mechanical system with electrical components that can fail. This could be the cause of the restricted airflow and your home not getting as warm as it should. Some of the electrical problems that you want to look for with your furnace include:

  • Blown fuses and tripped breakers
  • Broken or outdated thermostats
  • Damaged electrical wiring and circuits

The electrical problems with your furnace are the first things you want to check when troubleshooting issues causing your heating to not work properly.

Issues With Ducts and Vents That Restrict Airflow

Ductwork can also be the cause of restricted airflow. These problems often start with minor damage to duct lines, and then grow into bigger issues. Some of the issues with ducts and vents that may affect your heater include:

  • Damaged dampers not adjusting correctly
  • Air leaks and damage to air handlers
  • Loose or damaged ductwork
  • Damaged or closed HVAC vents

The ducts are often the main cause of restricted airflow that causes your heating to not work as it should. If you have problems with damaged ductwork, a heater repair service can help fix the problems.

Blower Fans Malfunctioning and Causing Restricted Airflow

Another major cause of restricted airflow is blower fans failing. Sometimes, these are problems with the blower wearing out that happen gradually over time. Some issues that can affect the blower fan include:

  • Dirty blower restricting airflow
  • Worn motor working less efficiently and reducing airflow
  • Broken blower motor causing the fan to not work at all

Repairing the blower fan of your furnace can often solve the problems with restricted airflow that cause your heater to not work properly. Sometimes, simply repairing or replacing the blower will solve the problems with your heating.

Troubleshooting the problems with restricted airflow of your furnace will help you get to the bottom of problems with your heating. If you need help with repairs to get your home warm again, contact a heating repair service and explain the airflow problems you are having.