Problems Caused By An AC Condenser That Isn't Level And Repairs That Could Be Necessary

If it seems like the air conditioner condenser isn't level, you may want to check it with a bubble level if you have one. When the condenser starts leaning, it won't be long until damage is done to the compressor and other parts. Here's a look at what causes a condenser to shift and how an AC repair company can fix the problem.

Why A Condenser Starts Leaning

If your AC isn't on a pad or feet on compacted soil, the soil may shift after heavy rain. The soil can also settle over time and cause a slight shift to the condenser. If the condenser is on a concrete pad, the pad might crack and sink or shift. It's important to ensure the condenser has a stable base to rest on, and if the soil isn't suitable, then your AC repair service might suggest mounting the condenser on the wall or roof of your house if possible.

However, if the soil is prepared carefully and a condenser pad or concrete slab is installed properly, your condenser should have stable support unless something like flooding or an earthquake causes a shift of the soil.

How A Leaning Condenser Is Repaired

It's best to hire an AC repair service to level a condenser because it's easy to damage parts like the copper refrigerant lines. The damage that you can cause with DIY efforts could be expensive to repair. The AC service will level the unit by putting in a new pad or putting new feet on a stable base. Leveling the base so the condenser is level is the easy part of the job, but that's not all the AC repair service does.

The technician also checks your condenser for signs of wear and damage caused by operating when not level. When the condenser leans, fluids like oil for the motor and refrigerant can't circulate properly. That can wear out the motor or even damage the compressor. It may also be necessary to repair or replace parts in the condenser so your AC will cool your house properly and to take the stress off the motor and compressor.

A leaning condenser doesn't look like a serious condition, especially if your AC is still working, but it can cause serious damage to your AC. At the very least, a condenser without proper fluid flow won't cool your home as well and that could drive up your power bill. Call a repair service when you see your condenser leaning so the problem can be corrected right away before damage is done to your system.

to learn more about AC repair, contact an HVAC contractor near you.