Does Your Heater Need A New Thermostat? Here's How To Tell

Your heater's thermostat is incredibly important. It's what allows your heater to work properly and to heat your home to your desired temperature.

Unfortunately, however, even the best thermostats sometimes run into trouble. And, when this happens to your thermostat, you'll want to get it fixed right away to avoid increased energy bills and potential damage to your heating unit.

If you educate yourself on the warning signs of a bad thermostat, you can notice the problem more quickly and either fix or replace your thermostat right away to avoid further issues.

Your Heater Won't Turn On

When it gets chilly inside and you go to turn your heater on, does your thermostat fail to cause the heater to kick into action? If so, your thermostat could be damaged, often due to loosened or broken connections between the wiring that goes from the thermostat to the heating unit.

The good news is that replacing or repairing your thermostat is typically a lot cheaper than replacing your entire heating unit.

Your Thermostat Gives Incorrect Readings

Most modern thermostats will tell you the temperature in your home, either via a digital display or an old-fashioned dial and thermometer.

In either case, if the thermostat is displaying a vastly different temperature than the actual temperature in your home, something is wrong.

While the problem may not cause you anything other than a minor inconvenience at first, it can eventually lead to other issues. So, it's best to have your thermostat checked out and fixed accordingly as soon as you notice this problem.

Your Heater Runs Constantly

Many people set their heaters to turn on when the home reaches a certain temperature.

If your thermostat is telling your heater to turn on at the wrong times or if it just runs constantly, there is a problem.

Often, a heater that comes on too often or stays on when it shouldn't has a miscalibrated thermostat. In some cases, this issue can cause the heater to run and use energy even without putting out any heat. Fortunately, this is an easy fix for a professional heating repair service.

Your heater is very good at letting you know when one or more of its parts is not functioning correctly, especially when that part is the thermostat. If you keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention to these warning signs, you will always know when it's time to fix your thermostat, as well as other important parts of your home's heating unit.

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