3 Tips To Prevent Cold Spots In Your Home

With outdoor temperatures dropping quickly, you are probably relying heavily on your furnace to heat your home. A functional furnace is designed to maintain a constant temperature within your residence.

If you have started to notice that there are some spots in your home that are cooler than others, these cold spots can be cause for frustration. Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to help eliminate cold spots so that your furnace system will function more efficiently this winter.

1. Install a second thermostat.

Many homeowners enjoy the added space and separation of living areas that a two-story home can provide. You will need to ensure that your heating system is designed to accommodate multi-level heating if you want to eliminate cold spots within your home.

Ideally, there should be a thermostat on each floor of your home. Hot air rises, which means that upper floors can become hotter than the ground floor throughout the day. With a second thermostat, you can offset the temperature settings within your home.

Setting the upstairs thermostat a few degrees higher than the ground floor thermostat will create a uniform heating pattern throughout your home. 

2. Adjust air vents throughout your home.

Your furnace delivers heated air throughout your home using a series of ducts and vents. Since some of the rooms serviced by an individual vent are larger than others, uneven heating can occur.

You should conduct a test to determine where cold spots are located within your home. Fully open all air vents and set your thermostat to a steady temperature. Allow your home time to heat completely, then walk through each room and take note of the temperature differences.

Leave the vents open fully in rooms with cold spots. Partially close vents in smaller rooms that are too warm to help eliminate temperature fluctuations.

3. Eliminate airflow restrictions.

Once you have properly adjusted your air vents, you need to ensure that these vents are not obstructed. Obstructed vents cannot properly circulate air through your home, resulting in noticeable cold spots.

Experts suggest that you allow at least 18 inches of open space around each vent. This could mean rearranging your furniture or hemming your curtains to eliminate obstructions. If there is no possible way to achieve the suggested 18 inches of open space, you can invest in magnetic deflectors that will help divert airflow away from your furnishings and into the open areas of your home.

For more tips, contact local HVAC services