Why Your Air Conditioner Is Making That Noise

Air conditioning has become a necessity, especially in the summer months. So when it stops working as it should or starts making a funny noise, it's easy to panic and wonder if you need air conditioning services or maybe need to get a new air conditioner installed. Sometimes the problem can be simple and other times it can be complex, so don't start panicking until you know what's going on. The best thing you can do in a situation like that is call an air conditioning repair company. Any noise that becomes a distraction means that some issue needs to be addressed.

Noisy Compressor

If you experience a buzzing sound in your air conditioning, your compressor may be malfunctioning. It may need to be replaced, or the voltage may need to be checked for amperage. The compressor is important because it is working with the refrigerant to pressurize and cool air. It is also part of the air conditioning cooling system.

Frozen Unit

As strange as it sounds, an air conditioning unit can actually be frozen, even if it is used on days that are very hot. If you hear your unit making a noise and there are leaks to your unit, it is quite possible that your AC is frozen. The leaks originate in the refrigerant and in some instances, you may be fortunate enough to see some icicles. You should always seek air conditioning services as long as you hear a noise coming from your air conditioning unit.

Loose Parts

An air conditioner has a lot of parts that make up its system. Sometimes these parts can become loose and in rare instances (but they do happen) parts can go missing. These missing or loose parts can prematurely wear other parts in the air conditioning unit. This is why you may hear a loud noise or even a buzzing sound. The noise you hear should be checked out immediately by an air conditioning contractor to prevent further damage to your unit.

Isolation Feet

The isolation feet hold your unit up. They are rubber feet that sit at the base. Over time rubber gets worn, disintegrates or even cracks. The unit itself Is unbalanced, and this may be one of the reasons for a noise you hear. If you are not able to fix this problem yourself, then you should leave it for an air conditioning contractor from companies like Derek Sawyers Smart Energy Heating & Air.