How To Clean Your AC Fan

Making sure your air conditioner has good airflow is very important if you don't want your energy bills to skyrocket. Furthermore, if you fail to properly service your AC unit on a regular basis, it won't last as long and you will need to spend money on an expensive replacement sooner. Some basic preventative maintenance can definitely improve the lifespan and functionality of your AC system. If you keep up your condenser fan, your unit will work much better. This article explains how to safely access and clean your condenser fan.

Power Off the Unit

In order to safely work on your fan, you need to power off the unit. Since your condenser probably won't have a power switch, you should just hit the breaker switch. For extra safety, make sure your thermostat is set to the off position. It would obviously be very dangerous if your fan started to power it on while you were trying to work on it.

Accessing the Fan

On most units the fan is top-mounted, facing downward. It is directly attached to the metal bird guard which is meant to protect the fan. However, dirt, leaves and water can still get through this metal, causing deterioration of the fan blades if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Most bird guards can be easily removed with a power drill. Once all the screws are removed, you can lift the guard and fan out at once. However, you will also need to unplug the power supply as you lift it. You might need to have someone help you during this step. You can then place the fan down on a piece of cardboard. Use some scrub brushes or rags to clean off all the fan blades and the motor. It is also helpful if you have a hose vacuum to suck any dust out of the motor events. Basically, clean up your fan and keep an eye out for any rust or mold.

It is also very important you clean out the empty compartment well. Once again, a hose vacuum is the best tool for this. If you have a shop or wet/dry vacuum, this will work even better. The most important thing to look for is blockages in the output vent. Within the compartment, there will be an opening that leads to the. Condensers out that hose. If this opening is blocked in anyway, your hose will not be able to pump air into the duct.

All you have to do now is put your condenser back together. Don't forget to reconnect the fan's power supply before you secure the bird guard. Make sure the mounting screws are snug, because they can rattle loose overtime through normal vibrations. And this simple cleaning job will definitely improve the functionality of your AC system.

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