Questions and Concerns Homeowners Frequently Have About Heat Pumps

Using a heat pump is a common option for providing heat. You should be relatively well-informed about these devices if they are what your home is using as a source of heat so that you can be sure that your home's interior is as comfortable as possible.

Is It Normal For A Home With A Heat Pump To Be Cool?

During your first winter with the heat pump, you may find that there are days where it struggles to keep your home a comfortable temperature. When it is especially cold outside, it can be normal for these systems to experience difficulty with warming the interior of a house. For this reason, you may want to have a secondary heat source for your home, such as a space heater. However, if you are finding that your heat pump is experiencing this problem on days where the temperature is relatively mild, it will likely need to be serviced.   

How Can You Improve Your Heat Pump's Performance?

If you are wanting to improve the performance of your heat pump, there are a few steps that may be taken. One of the more effective steps is to schedule yearly service visits for the heat pump as this will ensure that its mechanical components are operating optimally. Another step that can be taken is to insulate the duct that transfers air from the heat pump to your home's interior as this will eliminate convective cooling and leaks. When these steps fail to provide the desired performance upgrades, you may need to have the unit upgraded to a more powerful model.

Can You Use Zone Heating In A Home That Uses A Heat Pump?

Many homeowners want to benefit from the energy efficiency gains and the improvements to comfort that can come with zoned heating systems. These systems will allow you to set different temperatures for the various areas in your house, which can allow you to avoid heating unused rooms. Unfortunately, people may not opt for this type of system as they assume that a heat pump will not be compatible. Yet, it is possible for a zoned heating system to be compatible with heat pump systems. While you may need to make additional upgrades, the complexity of these upgrades can vary based on the design of your heat pump. For most modern heat pumps, it will be possible to connect them to a zoned heating system's blower with a special adapter. An experienced heating professional will need to examine your system's current configuration before they can know the exact changes that will need to be made to your home.

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