How To Properly Replace A Furnace Filter

Replacing your furnace filter is a simple job. It is something that you should do every couple of years. Of course, the frequency depends on how often you run your furnace, the brand, and the size of your home. Luckily, you can easily check to see if your furnace filter needs to be replaced. If you pull the filter out and notice that there's a lot of dust buildup and discoloration, you should just replace it immediately. Filters are affordable and easy to change. That being said, if you want to get the most out of your new filter, you need to replace it properly. This includes cleaning out the empty filter track before putting in the new one. This article explains the most effective way to replace your filter and clean the empty compartment.

Removing the Filter

Removing the filter is usually very easy because no tools are involved. Most filters are located within a slot between the main output duct and the furnace cabinet. Most furnace filters are about the size of a pizza box, only much thinner. The filter should slide right out of the compartment once you open the access panel or hinged flap.

Cleaning the Empty Compartment

Once you have the old filter out, you will need some sort of device to clean the inside of the compartment. Usually, a hose vacuum with a narrow attachment will fit. Otherwise, you might need to use some sort of small dusting stick. Use a flashlight so you can actually see what you're cleaning and ensure that you move all the dust from all the crevices within the compartment. This simple step is vital, yet many people neglect it. As a result, their new filter might not slide perfectly in place. When you pull the old filter out, a lot of dust can get knocked loose and settle within the tracks. If your filter is not properly in place, it is bound to be less effective.

Replacing the Filter

It is very important that you make sure you buy the exact replacement filter. That is, there are many filters which are made in similar sizes. If you don't look closely and pay attention to that model number, you might end up with a mismatched replacement that will fit into the slot but won't work well. If your filter compartment is clean and you have the right replacement, it will slide right into place. Contact a company like High Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Inc for more tips.