Mold, Rodents, And Duct Cleaning

Ducts are an easily forgettable component of your home's heating and cooling system because they run behind the walls. Unfortunately, what makes your ducts easy to forget about for you also makes them desirable to certain pests such as mold and rodents. If you suspect you have flora or fauna in your ducts, you need to act quickly to get your ducts clean to avoid bigger problems.

Mold Issues

Mold likes dark, damp spaces. Ducts are dark, but they typically aren't damp. Chances are you have mold somewhere in your home, which is spewing spores around your home. It doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that mold spores can end up in your ducts, but as long as your ducts stay dry, you should not have to worry about mold growing in your ducts. However, if you have any sort of a flooding issue that allows water to get in your ducts, you should have them cleaned to take care of mold before it has a chance to start growing. 

Rodent Invasions

Rodents like out-of-the-way places, and ducts can give them a way to move throughout your home without ever having to cross paths with you, your family, or pets. If you have rodents in your ducts, you will likely hear their claws clanking against the metal in your ducts. Before you think about having your ducts cleaned, you need to get the mice out. You can use snap traps. Just lift the vents, place a baited snap trap against the inside wall of your ducts, and check the traps frequently. If you catch one mouse, keep placing traps until you are sure that you no longer have mice in your ducts. Once you have mice-free ducts, you should try to find where they are getting into the ducts and then seal up your ducts so you don't have a new invasion. Because mice can carry diseases, you will want to have your ducts thoroughly cleaned once you are rid of your mice. 

Duct cleaning is a good idea whenever you have dirty ducts simply because it will help to keep the air quality in your home as pure as possible. Have your ducts inspected early to see if you have an issue, and then clean your ducts as recommended, but always clean your ducts when you know that you have problems with mold or mice.