2 Reasons To Consider A Forced-Air Heating System

Replacing the heating system in your home can be quite confusing, mostly because it can be hard determining which heating system would work best for you and your home. In most cases, your choices will come down to a forced-air or radiant system. Comfort and cost are just two reasons to consider a forced-air system.


One of the biggest benefits of a forced-air system is that it is going to be cheaper in terms of both labor costs and the cost of the equipment. In many cases, if your home already has a duct system in place from a central air conditioning system, then you really only need to purchase and install a furnace and pay to have it installed. The total cost to install a forced-air furnace, including labor, is going to be between $1,300 and $1,700.

The price is going to go up quite a bit when purchasing a radiant heating system because you will need to purchase the heating panels or pipes, as well as pay to have your walls and floors opened up in order to install the panels or pipes. Once that is complete, the crew will then need to repair your walls and floors. All of that labor is going to add up quite quickly, with the price ranging between $2500 and $3,300.


Another great reason to consider forced-air is that it can make your home more comfortable because it will heat your home to the desired temperature in a much shorter amount of time than if you were to use a radiant system. This is because a forced-air system will have a furnace that will heat the air to the desired level before blowing it into every room at once. This will allow you to feel the difference in the temperature very quickly.

With a radiant heating system, you must wait for the panels and pipes to heat up first. Once that is done, the walls and floors will begin to heat up, which will then cause the home to warm up. While this process is not extremely lengthy, it still takes longer for your home to get comfortable when compared to forced-air.

Speak to a heating contractor like Pride Mechanical Heating and AC today in order to discuss the many benefits of going with a forced-air system for your home. These systems can save you a bit of money when compared to radiant heat, while also making your home quite comfortable in a short amount of time.