3 Problems That Could Cause Your Thermostat To Stop Working

When a furnace will not kick on and start running, your first instinct might be to think that the furnace is broken. While this could be the case, there is also a chance that it might be the thermostat that is preventing the furnace from running. The thermostat in your home controls when the furnace turns on and off, and if the thermostat is bad, it might not be communicating properly with the heating system:

Problem with power source

If you have an older type of thermostat, it probably doesn't have batteries in it. These old thermostats operated with mercury, which caused a spark in the electrical wires to ignite. If this is the type you have, it is probably not the power source that is preventing it from working.

If you have an electronic thermostat, which is the newer type, it most likely does contain batteries. Batteries are used in these instead of mercury, and you should regularly change the batteries because they can wear out.

In addition to having batteries, electronic thermostats often have electric backup features on them. If the battery is bad and the fuse trips, you will lose all power to the device, and this will stop it from working.

Components are dirty

Another thing that can stop a thermostat from working is a buildup of dirt inside the device. You can try to clean out your thermostat to see if this works by using a small paint brush. Gently rub the brush inside the thermostat to remove any dirt or dust that you can see.

Another way to clean out a thermostat is with a can of compressed air. This is a product that is often used for cleaning electronics, such as computer keyboards.

Bad thermostat or wiring

While you might be able to fix the first two problems, if the problem is with the thermostat being bad or the wiring being old, you may need to hire an HVAC company to fix the problem for you. With old thermostats, it is not uncommon for the devices to wear out from age. It is also not uncommon for the wiring to go bad over time.

Fixing a problem with a thermostat is often less expensive than fixing a problem with the actual heating system, but an experienced HVAC company will be able to handle any of these tasks for you to help you get your heating system up and running. To learn more, contact a company like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc. with any questions you have.