5 Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

There's nothing like a hot day to make people appreciate their air conditioning units. If you are like a lot of people, you don't think much about the unit outside your home until it fails to cool your home. To make sure that doesn't happen, use the following tips to ensure that your air conditioning unit continues to function well.

1. Change the Unit Air Filters

Air filters do the necessary job of blocking harmful particles from entering your home. However, many times they are not changed on a regular basis and become clogged, making the air conditioning unit work harder and the air inside your house dirtier. Change your filters whenever they seem dark and dirty, to keep clean air flowing.

You might consider getting a pleated, high-efficiency filter. Instead of passively filtering the air, these filters possess an electrostatic charge that attracts even the smallest of particles and prevents them from entering the air ducts in your home.

2. Move Debris

Throughout the year, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, soil and other debris make their way into the air conditioning unit. It's important that you take some time to physically look at your unit and remove any of the debris that is crowding it. 

3. Try a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. You can turn the unit off when you are not home, and turn it on when you return. That can help you remain cool when you want to, without overworking your air conditioning unit.

4. Clean Out the Condensate

To avoid a clog in the condensate drain that could cause your unit to fail, every now and then use a mixture of water and bleach. This will stop algae and mold from building up and multiplying. Simply pour the mixture into the drain. 

5. Get the Unit Out of the Sun

While you may not be able to move the air conditioning unit itself, consider planting small trees that can help the unit avoid the direct glare of the hot sun. By blocking some of the sun's rays, the unit can stay cooler and not work as hard to cool air for you.

Be sure to use the information laid out in this article to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. If you notice signs of a problem with the unit, get in touch with a local HVAC company like Perry Heating Cooling